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Make-Ahead/Freezable Recipe: Roast, Left-Over Roast Stew & Cornbread

This recipe is a two-parter…actually three because I’m also going to include my recipe for cornbread, which I always serve with this stew. I always make this stew after we have had roast for dinner.  Then I throw the whole … Continue reading

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A Date With My Sweetie…

Tonight, my sweetie and I were able to go on a honest-to-goodness, 100% bonafide date.  Not the kind of “date” we usually have where we spend some time playing board games or watching a movie after the kids go to … Continue reading

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A Follow Up: A Major Fit of Attitude

Since posting the other day about my current “mama/daughter” struggle (original post is here), I’ve had several conversations/comments regarding the same and I wanted to clarify a few things. Jordan’s comment made me stop and consider my motives for this current … Continue reading

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Oh, I have to talk about this one….

I’m riled up about this one….just to give you fair warning…  This weekend, as I was meandering through a few blogs, I happened upon this post by Crownslaiddown about Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers, who is suing God.  Being intrigued, I clicked on … Continue reading

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A Major Fit of Attitude…

Help me, PLEASE!! My daughter is 3 1/2…which she feels entitles her to rule her own little world.  Thus, not to be outdone by Daddy, she is  currently working on her masters degree too….in Rebellion 101. So, for the past … Continue reading

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(Easy/Freezable/Make-Ahead)Recipe: Shepherd’s Pie

Occasionally, I am going to start posting recipes that I enjoy.  I don’t know how often, but hopefully at least once a week or so.  You will notice that usually, these recipes will share the following traits: They do not … Continue reading

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Play Time With My Sweetie…

My sweetie and I are currently in our 8th year of marriage.  And life just continues zooming forward at full speed.  Between seminary, homeschool, two kids and their various activities, 2 part-time jobs, bible studies, etc., it is often difficult to … Continue reading

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