Pigtails, Popcorn and Painted Fingernails

Tonight, Abby and I have been enjoying some precious, and much needed girl time.  After being sick for the last two days, my sweetie and I decided that she should not go to a birthday party that we were all invited to, so instead, Abby and mama stayed home to relax.

Actually, this whole day has been a girls day.  Earlier today, Sweetie and Jonah went out to run some errands.  While they were gone, Abby woke up from her nap and asked to watch Mary Poppins…her favorite movie.  Mary Poppins to Abby is much like Pride and Prejudice is to me.  It’s just good comfort whenever we’re not feeling completely up to par.  So, Abby and I cuddled up on the couch and watched Mary Poppins. 

Then, after the boys came back home, I decided to relax in a nice warm bath while the kids and Sweetie rested for a bit.  When I got out of the bath, Abby came to show me her PIG-TAILS!  Her first ever!  See, my sweet, adorable daughter was born with a soft head of fuzz which has been very slow in growing into a full head of hair.  If you don’t believe me, just ask the grandparents who couldn’t stop exclaiming over the fact that after not seeing her in person for a year (we now live on opposite sides of the U.S.), that Abby actually had hair!  So, the fact that Scott was able to pull all of Abby’s hair into two very cute and full pig-tails was quite the accomplishment.  And she looks so girly!!  Of course, Sweetie asked me to redo the pig-tails since he doesn’t have much experience in that area, so I calmed her fuzzy curls with a little water and pulled her hair neatly up on both sides.  Perfect! 

Now of course, with the pig-tails, we decided that the fingernails and toenails needed to be painted.  So once the boys had left for the party, and while we were thawing out some hotdogs, Abby and I sat down and “did her nails” in a mauvey pink color.  Abby was even very careful to hold her fingers straight and to avoid touching anything while they dried.  It was very cute to see her trying to lift her juice box in her hands without actually using her fingertips.  She definitely has the girl gene!

After the nails were all painted and semi-dry, we sat down to a little bit of dinner…pan-fried hot dogs.  I know, I know.  Hot dogs are terrible for us, but I have two small kids.  Hot dogs are an all-american part of childhood and I just have to accept their lack of nutritional value.  🙂  And after our hotdogs, we had to top it off with a chocolate chip cookie.  After all, it’s girls night, so we can eat whatever we want.

Finally, Abby put on her princess nightgown and we sat down on the living room floor with a bowl of buttery popcorn and watched Curious George together.  I have to admit, my favorite part of the movie is the soundtrack by Jack Johnson.  But it is a very cute, clean movie that I don’t mind watching multiple times…which is a good thing since my children adore this movie.

So, despite a few sniffles from the little bit of cold that is still struggling to hold on, this has been a wonderful evening of girl bonding!  Praise God for the moments when life slows down and we are able to “stop and smell the roses”.

Hey all, when was your last girls/guys bonding night, and how did you spend it?


About Sarah

I love being wife to my sweetie, mama and teacher to my three wonderful children, and friend to people near and far. I love to express myself through words. I blog to connect with others and so that someday, hopefully, my kiddos will understand who their mama was...way back when.
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2 Responses to Pigtails, Popcorn and Painted Fingernails

  1. Angbaylis says:

    Just last weekend! My daughter and I had the best time! Sounds like you and I have a lot in common!

    I need to watch Pride and Prejudice!
    Thanks for sharing about your precious time!!!
    Have a great day!
    Angie xoxo

  2. Jenn says:

    I am so glad you two had such a wonderful evening! I envy your mother/daughter time, but you know, I could probably get Micah’s hair in pigtails. 🙂

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