Play Time With My Sweetie…

My sweetie and I are currently in our 8th year of marriage.  And life just continues zooming forward at full speed.  Between seminary, homeschool, two kids and their various activities, 2 part-time jobs, bible studies, etc., it is often difficult to find time just to spend with each other.  Anyone else out there relate to what I’m sayin’!?!  😉

Although we do schedule dates together –and I love our dates — my fondest memories are of those impromptu times when my sweetie and I play together.  It usually starts with an ‘innocent’ little teasing comment…which quickly escalates into a battle of strengths.  This is what happened last night. 

This has been a very busy week with the start up of Awana’s, Cub Scouts, and all our other various activities.  So, when my sweetie and I finally settled into bed about Midnight, we were both very tired.  I crawled into bed first and made myself comfortable, as I feel I’m allowed to do.  But then, my sweetie, as he prepared to climb into bed too, started playfully teasing me about hogging the middle of the bed and giving him no room.  Of course, I had to completely deny this outlandish claim.  Seriously folks, I WOULD NEVER hog the middle of the bed.  I was not raised to hog anything.  😉

However, my sweetie just couldn’t let it go…something about not being able to lie down…and he proceeded to ‘measure’ my place in the bed. 

OK, maybe I wasn’t completely on my side of the bed.  But I still admit nothing.

Well, my inability to admit that I was lying in the middle of the bed led to my sweetie stealing the covers right off of me…and I was sooo comfy…he laid down beside me with all of the covers, so I naturally responded by attempting to warm my cold toes underneath his warm behind. 

Although I am very determined, my man is much stronger than me and I was not going to win any physical battle over covers, position on the bed, etc., so I had to resort to teasing my husband (never in a mean way…just playfully and in fun…as I have learned to do after 7+ years).  And because teasing is my strength, my sweetie had to retaliate in the best way he could (which I knew was coming)…Tickles! 

Pretty soon, I’m curled up in a fetal position attempting to protect my armpits, ribs, and feet simultaneously while my sweetie is pinning me to the bed and tickling me mercilously until I am laughing to hard to breath.  Fortunately, our kids are sound sleepers and didn’t waken from my fits of laughter.

There’s nothing like a good bout of laughter to calm the mind and body for sleep!  Seriously! 

Yes, we like to play.  Not as often as we should, but often enough.

How about all you married folk.  How do you and your sweetie ‘play’?


About Sarah

I love being wife to my sweetie, mama and teacher to my three wonderful children, and friend to people near and far. I love to express myself through words. I blog to connect with others and so that someday, hopefully, my kiddos will understand who their mama was...way back when.
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3 Responses to Play Time With My Sweetie…

  1. GREAT post! love it!!!!!

    and i’m DYING that you gave him the cold feet.
    mygosh – this sounds like an episode at our house…. except for the fact that i’ll ADMIT i hog the middle of the bed……

    i’m an incredibly HIGH maintenance sleeper. 🙂

    we mainly play by making fun of each other……. in all sorts of ways! one thing we do is say back to the other “your mama……..blah blah blah.” even when its something nice, like “your mama looks good in that shirt.”
    just to be fun!

  2. Mama D says:





  3. Mom says:

    Good for you two for turning to nice teasing and laughter instead of selfishness and anger! Your marriage has promise of being a long and happy one! After 35 years of marriage, we too still enjoy teasing & play – it’s just a whole lot slower! 🙂 – Love

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