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I’ve Been Interviewed!

A couple weeks ago, I posted here about the project that 9-year-old Matthew is doing on his blog: In The Air.  I admire his ambition to interview 100 people and publish a book about those interviews.  His interviews are fun … Continue reading

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What is your favorite cookie recipe?

I am in the mood for cookies.  Have been all week.  And to be honest, I’m a tad bit bored with chocolate chip cookies.  I know.  I may have to be shunned for that comment, but it’s true all the … Continue reading

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Monday Prayer: Overcoming Fear and Trusting in God’s Protection

Father God, You are my “refuge and strength”, my “ever present help in trouble”.  God, I pray this prayer to You now as a preemptive strike against the Devil, who would love for me to live in fear.  Father, You know … Continue reading

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Do You Like Surprises?

To surprise or not to surprise, that is the question.  This actually has become one of the ongoing questions in our marriage.  My sweetie loves to plan surprises for me.  He likes to start planning a surprise weeks ahead of … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Cranberry Bog…The Kicker Was At The End…

Cranberries can hold there noses for up to two weeks.  Did you know that?  I didn’t know that.  And, cranberry plants, if cared for properly, can live for over a hundred years!  Betcha didn’t know that either.  We, however, learned … Continue reading

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(Easy, Freezable, Make-Ahead) Recipe: Stuffed Pepper Soup

I received this recipe as part of an e-mail recipe exchange and really enjoy it.  I love stuffed peppers, so I was game to try this recipe as soon as I read the name.  However, even those who don’t like … Continue reading

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Have You Been Interviewed?

Check out Matthew’s blog, “In the Air”.  Matthew is a 9-year old homeschooler who is currently interviewing bloggers for a book that he wants to have published.  He will be donating the profits from his book to ASPCA (American Society for … Continue reading

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Meme: My Man (a.k.a. My Sweetie)

Mandy tagged me for this Meme.  So here’s the 411 on my sweetie:  1. Who is your man?  Scott, My Sweetie, Honey, Babe, (but never, NEVER, Scotty!) 2. How long have you been together?  11 years.  We met in the Spring of … Continue reading

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What we have learned from Laura Ingalls Wilder

The evil blog monster deleted my post the other day.  It published the title of my post, but ate the body!  I don’t know why!  So, I’m typing very quietly and hoping the blog monster won’t hear me this time. … Continue reading

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If you haven’t already seen this one…

Stiving Against Satan  Check it out.

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