Homeschool Day at the YMCA…

Oh the excitement that abounded through our home this week! 

Jonah is now signed up to spend one day a week at the Y.  And Abby and Mama get to play.

Jonah starts with one hour of adventure time.  Rock climbing, rope ladders, etc.  It changes every week, but involves…ADVENTURE!

Then, the kids all eat a very quick sack lunch, change into their swimsuits, and hurry over to the pool where they have 30 minutes of instructional swim followed by 30 minutes of free swim.  Jonah hasn’t yet learned how to swim, but he has a very sweet teacher (she’s been teaching swim lessons at the Y since before most of the parents learned how to swim) and Jonah says that “he’s getting the hang of it pretty quick”.

After an hour of fun in the pool, they change again and head to the gymnastics center where they have 30 minutes of instruction gymnastics followed by 30 minutes of open gymnastics.  The gymnastics center has pretty much everything you could imagine for gymnastics…including a rope swing over the foam pit!  Oh, ho, HO.  Talk about perfect for my abundantly active 7 year old.

He had a blast.  Loved it.  Would like to go back every day. 

Meanwhile, little sister had the time of her life too.  Once Jonah was dropped off, Mama took the opportunity to go exercise at the Y.  So, Abby got to go play in the childcare room.  Which is perfect for her…

Three ladies who love kids in a room with dress up clothes, tables for crafts, coloring supplies, a play kitchen, books, snacks.  Everything Abby loves! 

When I returned from my workout, Abby had made a Christmas ornament and talked the ladies into feeding her half of the lunch I had packed for us to share!  They commented on how adorable she was.  Well of course she was adorable.  She was in a room full of all her favorite things being attended by three adoring women.  Why wouldn’t she behave adorably.

After collecting Abby, we ate our lunch in the common area outside the pool, where we could see Jonah splashing and having fun.  Then, we hopped in the car and spent some time at the library.  We dropped off our truckload of overdue books and set out to “reload” as the librarian quipped.  Abby picked out several books and “Ballet Shoes” on audiobook.  Then, we piled our new selection of books and audiotapes into the car and headed back to the Y where Jonah was just finishing instructional gym time.   Which was perfect timing because siblings are allowed to come and play in the gymnastics center during open gym.

It was a little frantic and chaotic trying to figure everything out this week…and make sure that we left with all belongings that we came with, but we’ll get the routine down.

When I asked Jonah and Abby if they wanted to keep doing this every week, I got a very emphatic “Definitely, Mom!!”

About Sarah

I love being wife to my sweetie, mama and teacher to my three wonderful children, and friend to people near and far. I love to express myself through words. I blog to connect with others and so that someday, hopefully, my kiddos will understand who their mama was...way back when.
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One Response to Homeschool Day at the YMCA…

  1. Mama D says:

    Maybe we should try that with the kids at MPES… hmmmm free time…

    I’m just tired reading everything Jonah did! I’d be exhausted watching it! I’ll bet he was ready for more!

    Way to go!

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