Family Christmas Letter — 2006

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings and wishes for a beautiful and graceful holiday season.

For those of you who have not heard, we are now in Massachusetts.  Wow!   In February/March, we received Scott’s acceptance letter to Seminary in MA. Praise God! Scott and Sarah had a very busy April as we drove the kids to stay with Scott’s parents in Albuquerque for a week, drove back to Oklahoma, flew to MA to visit the school for 4 days and flew back to OK. It was a quick but wonderful trip that helped us to feel comfortable with the school. After much prayer and worry, we were able to get school housing – we have a nice two-bedroom apartment – and tuition/rent money for the first semester…so, in late July, we packed up all our belongings, shipped them via ABF and took the next 4 weeks to travel by car from OKC to Albuquerque to visit Scott’s family, to Idaho to visit Sarah’s family, to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore and finally to MA!

We are all enjoying New England very much. There is a playground right outside our door and many, many little friends for Abby and Jonah. We feel truly blessed by the community here that has given us good friends and spiritual accountability. We didn’t realize how much we had been starving for that until this move. We feel much more relaxed and comfortable here than where we were living in Oklahoma City.  

We have found a church close by that offers Awanas, so Jonah has graduated to “Sparkies” (for K-3rd grade) and loves it. He has a friend from campus who goes with him every week. The mom’s (Sarah and Jen) use Awana’s time to run up the road for coffee/soda and fellowship. Jonah and Sarah are also enjoying “officially” homeschooling this fall. Jonah loves reading and is beginning to find words everywhere that he can read. In early December, Scott and Sarah were discussing when to buy a Christmas tree. Not wanting the kids to understand (and thus start pestering), Sarah spelled out the word “tree”. Jonah sat there for a minute and said “T-R-E-E spells “tree”. Are we getting a Christmas tree?” Talk about bittersweet! I guess we’ll have to practice up on piglatin. LOL.

Abby is our independent “girly girl”. She loves dressing herself (in anything with a princess theme”, hats, purses, shoes, combs and Mama’s make-up. She tries her best to copy everything Jonah does and has learned to say her alphabet and count to 12. She is very proud of herself. She loves to watch whatever Mama is doing: cooking, cleaning, working…

Scott is doing very well with his classes. There is a huge amount of reading that he has to do every night, but he is keeping up. He also has a part-time job with the computer help desk at the school, and enjoys receiving a paycheck.

Sarah is working part-time for the same law firm in Oklahoma City. She has been blessed with a great employer who set up the office computer to be accessed remotely, so Sarah can now type, e-mail, etc. on the office computer from our home here in MA. It makes for a crazy schedule some days (with homeschool, potty training and work), but we are so thankful for the opportunity.

Although being back in school is definitely not easy and we know there will continue to be struggles over the next couple years, we have seen in many ways that this is where our family is to be right now. We miss being closer to family, but are thankful for e-mail, telephones and instant messaging!

We love you all and think of you often. We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a joyous New Year!


About Sarah

I love being wife to my sweetie, mama and teacher to my three wonderful children, and friend to people near and far. I love to express myself through words. I blog to connect with others and so that someday, hopefully, my kiddos will understand who their mama was...way back when.
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