Family Christmas Letter — 2007

Christmas, 2007 

Merry Christmas to all!                                                                     


It has been a good year for us up here in the wilds of New England, and we are thrilled to finally be enjoying a “real” New England winter. The ground is currently covered in white, and we have accumulated well over a foot of snow in the last week. We are so excited! Last year we did not see snow until late January, so we (especially the kids) are hoping for a white Christmas.


Jonah turned seven this fall and is loving school. History, astronomy and grammar are his favorite subjects. He also recently started a weekly half-day program at the YMCA that is just for homeschoolers. The day includes adventure (usually a rock wall), swimming and gymnastics. Action, action, action…perfect!  Jonah is in his fourth year with Awana and is working on his second Sparky book, which he is sailing through.  Jonah also joined Cub Scouts this fall and is proud to be a Tiger Cub. He loves his uniform (we need to remind him that it is only for meetings) and all the different activities and badges he can earn. He has also proved himself a natural at sales by selling a whopping $990 in popcorn for the Pack. He tells us that he wants to continue with Scouting all the way through Eagle Scouts!


Abby is three and loves having school time with Mama this year.  She enjoys working on her colors, practicing her letters and having snacks. She writes her name on all her pictures and frequently “reads” to her dolls.  Although Abby is not old enough to attend the YMCA program, she does enjoy joining Jonah for gymnastics at the end of the day. Abby also LOVES being a Cubbie at Awana’s this year. She is very proud of her book, bag and vest, and asks at least 10 times a day if it is time for Cubbies. She still loves anything pink and/or princess and has promised she will not suck her thumb anymore now that Mama paints her nails!


Sarah has been very busy this year with work, school and all the kids’ activities! She is continuing to work remotely with the Oklahoma City law firm and is happy to be able to work from home, even if the lines between working and not working are occasionally blurred. She is also really enjoying adding more science and history into the school schedule.  In September, Sarah attended her first Beth Moore conference, and Scott fears that it will be only the first of MANY. Sarah is currently about half way through a reading track that will take her through the whole Bible in 90 days.  In August, Sarah began blogging. Scott thinks she might be a bit obsessive with it, but Sarah disagrees.  You can check out her blog at


Scott is desperately trying to keep his head above the water with school and work! He is really enjoying the classes, although he does not enjoy writing the papers. In February, Scott was walking down a hill on campus when he slipped on ice and landed badly on his right wrist and thumb. He was in physical therapy for 7 weeks and was not able to hold a pen or type for almost two months. (Not helpful when doing school work or working at the I.T. Help Desk!) Through extensions and the kindness of his professors, he made it through, and he is very glad that is all behind him! This semester is going much better, and we are all looking forward to the Christmas break.


We were blessed to have our first visitors over the summer. (HINT, HINT.) Scott’s folks and Gram were here in June and Sarah’s folks followed in July. It was so much fun to explore New England together, although we still find it odd to be able to travel through several states in one day! 

We wish you all a blessed Christmas and a wonderful and peace filled New Year!



About Sarah

I love being wife to my sweetie, mama and teacher to my three wonderful children, and friend to people near and far. I love to express myself through words. I blog to connect with others and so that someday, hopefully, my kiddos will understand who their mama was...way back when.
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2 Responses to Family Christmas Letter — 2007

  1. 90 days?
    go girl!!!!!!


  2. Mom says:

    How are you doing on your “through the Bible in 90 days? Boy, my hat’s off to you! I have found a chronological 1-yr reading schedule and am enjoying it so far. I encourage everybody – get in the Word!!
    ~ Love
    PS: Love the faith Abby has that Dad and Mom will get her a future ballet teacher! Oh, that we had that kind of faith in our loving Father! Twirl on those toes, Abby!

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