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Snowflake Craft

We had a light dusting of snow early last week (I think.  My days are blurring together at the moment, but I believe it was last week.) In the spirit of the fresh snow, the kids and I made these … Continue reading

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Closer to my toilet than I wanted to be…

Can I just say how much I despise the flu.  DESPISE!!  I would rather have a head cold for days than the flu for one night. I was reminded of just how much I despise the flu over the past … Continue reading

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A Big Thanks…

A great big “Thank You” to my friend Mandy for giving me with this award!  To be honest, I feel quite giddy about the whole thing.  I’ve seen these blog awards around, but now that I’ve been given one…well, I just … Continue reading

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These Boots Were Made For Walkin’…

While my sweetie was sorting laundry on the bed the other afternoon, (yes, I married a man who does laundry!  And he’s good at it!), my dear daughter decided in her boredom to start rummaging through the shoes in our closet.  “Look, … Continue reading

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Because She Thinks I Am…

It all started about a month ago.  My sweetie was talking to his sister on the phone, shortly after Christmas.  At some point in the conversation, his sister made the comment that I am “the Martha Stewart of the family”. … Continue reading

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His role has been usurped by a 7 year old…

My son is 7.  SEVEN!  And already, he has usurped his father’s role. My sweetie has long looked forward to his right, as a dad, to finish whatever his kids can’t eat at the dinner table.  At least, if it’s … Continue reading

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Brussel Sprout Popping Fools…

Oh, my loyal bloggy readers.  Those of you who know me — or who have read my blog from it’s beginning — know that food is, from time to time, an issue with the smaller people of our household.  Yes, … Continue reading

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