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The Throwing of the Pie…

 We attended Jonah’s Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts last night, which was, truly, a blast. The theme was “Chinese New Year”, including chinese food for dinner and fortune cookies, but fortunately for all adults involved, NO chop sticks.  As … Continue reading

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She Questioned My Childcare Skills…

Well, not so much “childcare” as “dollcare”, but in her mind,  they’re the same thing. We were relaxing in the living room for a few minutes before I needed to go start dinner.  Scott and Jonah were watching Dirty Jobs … Continue reading

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A Quiet Celebration…

On Monday, my sweet Abby informed me that it was Kitty’s birthday. Kitty’s four now.  And Kitty needed a cake.  Not one of Abby’s cakes from her pink princess kitchen.  Nope.  Kitty needed a real birthday cake.  Because it was her … Continue reading

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Taco Bell Ad Campaign…Updated

**UPDATED**  I read a post today by Lisa at Apples of Gold.  She is appalled by Taco Bell’s new ad campaign…and so am I.  We have not had the chance to eat at Taco Bell recently, but after this, we … Continue reading

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Such a Sweet Boy….

As anyone who has followed Sarah’s blog for any amount of time knows, Jonah is a pretty sweet little boy, and helpful to a fault. O.K., sometimes too helpful, and he is prone to getting too worked up over helping and … Continue reading

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A New Bloggy Friend

No, not a new friend.  A friend who is new to the bloggy world.  My friend Jenn, mom of Jonah’s “best pal”, has started a blog!  Yay!  Jenn is a stay-at-home mom with three boys (all 7 and under).  She writes about life.  … Continue reading

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Easy/Freezable/Crock-Pot Recipe: Barbeque Pork Rib Soup

The Black Plague has passed from our home, and we are finally, ALL, on the mend.  Thank you to everyone who lifted us up in prayer over the past few weeks!  To transition back into the world of the living, … Continue reading

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