Taco Bell Ad Campaign…Updated


I read a post today by Lisa at Apples of Gold.  She is appalled by Taco Bell’s new ad campaign…and so am I.  We have not had the chance to eat at Taco Bell recently, but after this, we will not be eating there anytime soon. 

After reading Lisa’s post, I went to Taco Bell’s website (tacobell.com) to see how easy or difficult it would be to find this link.  Let me just say, they are definitely promoting this thing.  Front page.  There was a big purple sauce packet (larger than any other link on the page and in the dead center) which took me to the “shoot”.

**Update** My sweet husband reminded me this evening that I was obviously riled when I posted this because I forgot to mention why I was riled up.  The “be the photographer” hot sauce packet link takes you to a page where a string-bikini clad model is waiting for you to photograph her.  You choose the location and activity for her (i.e., climbing a tree!!!  In a bikini!!!) and then the page zooms in while she poses seductively so you can take pictures of her.  Yeah.  That’s why I say:  Call and complain!  **End of Update**

If I had seen a website on a Taco Bell sauce packet saying you could “be the photographer”, I would assume it was family-friendly.  I would expect it to be appropriate for my children to see.  I would be assuming incorrectly.

Please, call (1-800-Taco Bell) or leave a comment on the Taco Bell website and let them know that this ad campaign is not acceptable!


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  1. Mom says:

    – will do

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