“Mama! Mama! Daddy sneezed and all of his hair fell out!”

“Daddy…Stop Sneezing!”

Yes, dear readers, my sweetie’s hair fell right out in the shower. And, it continued falling out every morning for about a month! And the only explanation my children could pry out of their daddy was that it must have been when he sneezed.

Bald. Completely bald. That’s what he’s been. Until two days ago when he finally quit sneezing. Now he’s stubbly. πŸ˜‰

You see…my husband enjoys being bald. He likes to feel the breeze on the crown of his head. He likes the shine. He just likes the way it looks.

Me? I’m ok with it…but I much prefer him with a full head of hair. I like his full wavey hair. I love being able to run my fingers through it. I love the body wave that wraps his hair in every direction. I just love his hair, and I’m so happy that our daughter has his curls and our son has his thick, full hair. Maybe it’s because I’ve always had very straight, heavy hair. I don’t know.

Anyway, the baldness episode all started about two months ago when my sweetie started talking about shaving his head. My response? Nope. No sir! I can’t stop you…but I sure can be grumpy about it! And you don’t want me grumpy!!

So he backed off for a bit. But, with the end of the semester fast approaching, he brought the subject back up about a month ago with the added ammunition that he really felt shaving his head would give him the mental kick-in-the-behind that he needed to throw himself into his studies and finish the semester strong. It would motivate him. Encourage him. Inspire him. If only I wouldn’t be grumpy the entire time…


Well. When you put it that way… “I better see some serious mental behind-kicking!!”

And I did. He finished out the semester amazingly strong…he ended up studying about 16 hours a day every day for the last 8 days…that’s a serious kick in the…

And it has provided a fun bond between Scott and the kids. They find his bald head to be about the most cool thing ever! And they love arguing with him about whether it really fell out when he sneezed!

So, it was worth it. And, if truth be told, I kinda miss his silky shaved head. Cuz I have to admit, it was fun to kiss… But, shhhh. Don’t tell my sweetie. He just started growing his hair back out!


About Sarah

I love being wife to my sweetie, mama and teacher to my three wonderful children, and friend to people near and far. I love to express myself through words. I blog to connect with others and so that someday, hopefully, my kiddos will understand who their mama was...way back when.
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7 Responses to Ahh…ahh….Aaaaaccchhoooooooo!

  1. Sweetie says:

    Well, dear, I am glad to hear that you are O.K. with me shaving my head, cause I think that I may get a bad case of the sneezes at the end of every semester (or summer session or semlink), and don’t even get me started when I start my dissertation, I may never have hair again!!

  2. Sweetie says:

    FYI, it was only about 2 – 2 1/2 weeks of me being bald!! But I can “sneeze” for another two weeks, so that your blog is correct!!

  3. Steph says:

    Well, hopefully he won’t start sneezing again with all the pollen in the air πŸ™‚

  4. Sarah says:

    Sweetie: My only defense is that it seemed like more than 2 1/2 weeks! πŸ˜‰

    Steph: lol.

  5. Mama D says:

    ……well, I’m the ‘Mom’ and I am going to have to honor your wishes for use of words…. I believe the acceptable word from my son would be ‘loathe’ …. dislike …. not so much … I would much rather see you with hair on your head. The reverse would be, you are letting knowledge evaporate out of your head when you don’t keep it covered! Maybe I will send you a ‘red’ wig for your birthday that you can wear when I’m there! I’ve adjusted to never seeing your face thru the beard again, I don’t understand why you love one so much and dislike the other.

    Congratulations on making it thru the end of the semester. I know it was difficult, but you don’t give up! Thanks for all your help, Sarah! See you soon.

    Mama D

  6. Mom says:

    All I can do is chuckle – – you kids are a riot!
    Love You!

  7. HA!
    you are funny.
    i like the funny posts.
    i like all of ’em.

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