My grandma had two bathrooms at her house. The blue bathroom and the peach bathroom. I liked the peach bathroom the best because of the things grandma had displayed in there. She had a statue of a monkey sitting in her bathtub. And another monkey, I believe, holding the roll of toilet paper. Grandma liked monkeys. And elephants. And gardenias. She also had pictures with cheery or silly sayings on the walls. Above the bathroom sink, she had a scripture verse, cross-stitched by my mom, quoting Proverbs 17:22: A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Grandma found a lot of humor in life. Even when cancer was taking over her body.

I sometimes get bogged down with life and forget to find the humor in the everyday. Instead of laughing with my kids, I shush them. Instead of enjoying my husbands playful teasing, I sigh and cast a withering glance.

I need more merriment. More laughter. Giggles. Chuckles. Belly laughs. All of it. My body needs the medicine of a cheerful heart. My home needs it too.

My kids are watching Wipeout as I type this. It’s that game show with contestants trying to make their way through insane obstacle courses. I can hear Jonah’s over-the-top belly laughs…and Abby’s giggle.

My heart feels a little merrier.

What’s made your heart merry today?


About Sarah

I love being wife to my sweetie, mama and teacher to my three wonderful children, and friend to people near and far. I love to express myself through words. I blog to connect with others and so that someday, hopefully, my kiddos will understand who their mama was...way back when.
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4 Responses to Laughter…

  1. Mom says:

    YES! Love it! Let’s quit listening to all the doom and gloom and enjoy God’s wonderful, sometimes wacky, world and each other more!
    Your story reminded me of when Grandm’s cancer was making her a little confused – one evening she was so frustrated that the “remote” wouldn’t make the TV do anything – my brother couldn’t figure out why his telephone kept getting short rings – – – – 🙂
    Love ~

  2. Sarah says:

    I remember that story! And the one of when she was at the hospital when everything was decorated for Halloween and she made the joke that the men around there were getting more handsome all the time. 🙂

    We were playing outside in the snow today and Abby was building a snowman with some of her friends. They stuck a branch in the ground as a tree/microphone and began singing made-up songs to each other. It was great! Kids know how to enjoy life!

  3. I think you should try to write 7 chapters in 24 hours. If that won’t make your heart crazy merry, I don’t know what will!

  4. Norma says:

    Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

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