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Three Little Words

A few months ago, my sweetie started a conversation with me about how there are three little words that have been largely neglected and forgotten in our society. I forgive you. My first instinct was to disagree, but when I … Continue reading

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This one makes me even happier…

Ok, I promise this will be the last one. If you liked yesterday’s little jingle, then you’ll love this — my alma mater’s version! Enjoy.

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This makes me happy…

Having lived in Oklahoma for a total of eight years, this is definitely part of what I associate with the holidays. For all you Okies and non-Okies alike:

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An Unacceptable Gift

I am sitting in front of a beautiful, hand-made advent wreath. Boughs of fresh, fragrant greenery reach out from the center in all directions, stretching their arms forth. The candles stand tall in the middle, two of them with beads … Continue reading

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Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift, and a Nunnery.

Awhile back, we acquired a Hannah Montana sweatshirt. I believe someone passed it to us. Or maybe we picked it up at the Give and Take. I’m not sure anymore. Because it was several sizes too large for Abby, Scott … Continue reading

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A First

Last night, Abby asked me to check her bottom tooth, which has been slightly wiggly for several months. She was very excited when I confirmed that it was indeed very loose and that it would probably come out before Christmas. … Continue reading

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