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In All Circumstances…

A couple weeks ago, I happened across this blog and have been quietly following her posts ever since. In one post, she wrote about how when she feels like she can’t take any more, she keeps going because she can’t … Continue reading

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True Security…

“In particular, the Christian whose worldview is shaped by Scripture will have a sense of self-identity different from the world’s. Knowing that she is loved by God with a love she did nothing to earn (and which, therefore, she can … Continue reading

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Writing and Distractions

Writing a novel is something that I have dreamed about for awhile, but that I never considered a real possibility. The idea just seemed too overwhelming. When was I going to find time to write a novel. Seriously. And then … Continue reading

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Bosque Del Apache

This past weekend we were able to take a day trip down to the Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge. It was amazing! The Bosque is a huge refuge where many birds migrate for the winter. And since we are studying … Continue reading

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For the last year, our life has been marked by transition. A much longer transition then we anticipated or desired. And being in transition for so long has caused necessary — though often frustrating — limits on our life. But… … Continue reading

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Our rector spoke today about Ash Wednesday, the season of Lent, and why we celebrate by fasting and “giving up” something that we enjoy. In my previous observances of Lent, I have used this time as a method of creating … Continue reading

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