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She’s Six!

One year. It flies by so fast, seeming to be the same from one moment to the next. And yet each moment brings something new. Six doesn’t seem so much different from five. And in many ways she isn’t. She’s … Continue reading

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Thank you…

Thank you so much for your prayers! We are so encouraged by them…and by your comments and emails. You are a blessing to us. Our internet access is less than it was right now, but I’m hoping for a date … Continue reading

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Would you pray with us?

The last almost eight months of waiting have been difficult. Yes, we have received several strong confirmations from God assuring us that we made the right choice in moving back to New Mexico. But we have also received a lot … Continue reading

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Like Monkeys to Bananas

Disclaimer: We love New England. We love the people from New England. We love the West. We love the people from the west. Car conversation from this evening: Me: Grumbling over the fact that I had to once again fight … Continue reading

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