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Fam Friday: Abby, Custard Tarts and Princesses

The sky outside is slowly turning darker as I am sitting down to talk with Abby this evening. We have had a full and fun day, and at least one of us is very happily anticipating the royal wedding tomorrow. … Continue reading

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Just Listen

The moments are rare when I hear the sounds of community sharing this building we call home. A car door closing. Kids giggling. A baby crying. Water whooshing through pipes in different patterns. Pots and pans clattering. Cupboards shutting. These … Continue reading

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The Inhumanity of a Two-Part Episode

I’m not big on suspense. I like a good mystery or puzzle that I have to really work at to figure out, but I don’t like just not knowing. Which is funny since life is suspense. Because honestly, none of … Continue reading

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Facing the Uncomfortable

Social media is way, way, WAY outside my comfort zone. Sometimes I start to think about my “online presence”, which by any standard is small, and I wonder: how do I have an online presence at all! Privacy loving, socially … Continue reading

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Practicing Gratitude: Week 13

121. HE is Risen! 122. sharing a pot of jasmine tea with my children. 133. holding a flickering candle in a darkened church, waiting. 134. young son so enthusiastic in his worship, oblivious to the strength and tone of his … Continue reading

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Vacation Week

Because the weather is what it is… and public schools around here are on spring break… and it’s Holy Week… I’m taking a week off from the blog. Happy Easter and I will be back on Monday, April 25.

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Fam Friday – Jonah

The kids are ready for bed after an exciting evening, and I’m sitting down for a little chat with Jonah. Tell me about tonight, Jonah… We went to a Cub Scout meeting. *squishes an empty bottle with his back* I … Continue reading

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