Archive of Kid Quips

May 4, 2010: Jonah, helping me explain to Abby why signatures are written in cursive rather than printed: “It’s more difficult to evangelize them.”

April 24, 2010: Jonah (telling us about the upcoming awana awards ceremony) “I’m supposed to tell you it’s not in the Big Room, it’s in the sanitorium.” (we practiced saying ‘sanctuary'”

Jonah: “When we get home, I’m first in the bathroom. My cholesterol is really high.”

August 27, 2009: Abby (during a rainstorm): “It’s raining Muggle and Oreo!” (The cat and the dog)

July 1: Both Kids (said regularly): “Hasta la Pasta!”

June 1: Jonah: (after taking a zoomed-in picture of Mama’s behind) “Oops…that’s not what I meant to do.”

May 29, 2009: Jonah (when asked how he knew something) “I’m a genius.”

January 16, 2009: (Abby to Jonah after Jonah asked where his shoes were) “Jonah, they’re on your feet…silly!”

October, 2008: Jonah: (after playing video games with a friend all afternoon) “I think I played too much video games…my eyes hurt.”

September 11, 2008:  Abby: (wearing a borrowed, pink, frilly leotard) “Mama, Now am I ready to be a ballarina?!”

September 1, 2008: Jonah: “Sa-weet!”

August 1, 2008: Jonah and Abby (at the top of their lungs): Go Michael Phelps, Go Michael Phelps!!! (Michael Phelps wasn’t swimming at that moment.)

July, 2008: Abby (daily): “Now am I a big girl, Mama?”

June 17, 2008: Jonah to Abby: “Let’s play Trouble.” Abby: “Yeah, let’s play rwubble.”

June 14, 2008: Jonah (while talking to our new neighbor, who was raised in the Phillipines) “The Phillipines…that’s where Goliath is buried!) Mama: “No, Jonah. Goliath was one of the Philistines. But they sound very similar.”

June 11, 2008: Jonah: “Is yurkey-turkey part of Alaska” (turns out, he was trying to read “Yukon-Territory” on his wall map.

June 7, 2008: Jonah: “Tickling is the body’s self defense.”

June 1, 2008: Abby: “I think I need some green stuff (gingerale) for my tummy!”

May 29, 2008: Abby: (trying to spell like her brother) “p-t-o-b-s-y! That’s spells cookie!”

May 11, 2008: Jonah: (whenever he affirmatively answers a question) “y-e-p…yep!”

April 17, 2008: Abby (to Mama): “You can’t have any more birthdays…your head’s too big!” (Mama: “wha…?!?”)

March 21, 2008:  Jonah:  (when Ms. Elizabeth asked for a small serving of ice cream after Easter dinner)  Jonah:  Oh, are you on a seafood diet?  All adults:  (laughing hysterically!)  What?!?

March 16, 2008: Mama: “Jonah, we buy kleenex so half your finger doesn’t have to disappear into your brain!” Jonah: (laughs hysterically for several minutes)

Feb. 29, 2008:  Jonah:  “Can I have some more no-sugar-added?”  (applesauce)

Feb. 27, 2008:  Abby:  (giggling) “Kitty got frosting all over her face!” 

Feb. 15, 2008:  Jonah (while praying): “Please help Abby to have good princess dreams, and me to have good Thomas dreams, and Daddy to have good Star Wars dreams, and Mama to have good flower dreams…”

 Feb. 14, 2008:  Abby (when talking about her Awana Derby car) “I’m going to paint it ALL PINK!!” 

Abby: (waking up from a bad dream) “I need more hats!”

Jan.  2008: Jonah: (in car) “There’s Kappy’s, can we go to Kappy’s?” Dad: “Jonah, Kappy’s is a liquor store.” Jonah: “I know, Dad.” Dad: “What do you want to buy at the liquor store?” Jonah: “Licorice!”

 Jan. 15, 2008:  Mama (from kitchen) “Abby…thumb”;   Abby (pulling thumb out of mouth) “How’d you know!?!”;  Jonah: “Because God talks to Mama and tells her if you’re sucking your thumb”

Jan. , 2008:  Abby: (after trying to twirl on her tip-toes): “I can’t do it, Mom. Maybe my ballet teacher can show me how.” (Mom) “Sweetie, you don’t have a ballet teacher.” (Abby) “…yet!” 

Dec. 31, 2007: Abby:  (at store):  “Can we buy something for me, Jonah and Abby?”

Dec. 28, 2007: Jonah: (on Christmas Eve while tracking Santa on NORAD) “He’s really real! I saw Rudolph’s shiny red nose…He’s real!!”

 Dec. …, 2007: Jonah: “We have to be good every month of the whole year for Santa. Right, Mom?”

 Dec. 6, 2007: Abby: “Mama, you have something in your nose!” (as she reaches up to help Mama get it out!!)

 Dec. 3, 2007: Abby to Mama (referring to her pigtails) “Mama, can I take out my hair bunnies now?”

Nov. 26, 2007: Nov. 26, 2007: Jonah to Daddy: (After Daddy won a game at our friend’s house) “Rock on with your bad self, Daddy!” 

Nov. 19, 2007: Jonah: “Are we going to get toll-food…like McDonald’s?” (fast-food) 

Nov. 7, 2007:  Abby (to Mama, while playing a card game) “I’m going to win you!” 

Nov. 2, 2007:  Jonah:  (When asked how it feels to be 7 for a whole day) (winding head and saying emphatically) “FANTASTIC!”

Jonah: “I wish we could have Sonic to relieve my stress-ness. Kids have stress-ness too.”

Oct. 18, 2007:  Abby: “I cleaned up all my stuff…but not Jonah’s!”

Oct. 9, 2007: Jonah:  “BOO!”  (While laying on the floor in front of our door as people walk down the hall.) 

Oct. 5, 2007:  Abby:  “A is the first bowel we will say.  /a/ is the short-bowel sound of A.” 

Oct. 3, 2007: Jonah: “My kneepit hurts.” 

Sept. 29, 2007: Jonah: To a friend who stopped by “Would you like one of our special apples [shipped to us from NM]. They’re free.”

 Sept. 24, 2007: Jonah to Mama: “I wish Daddy had an ax. Then he could chop down a tree and make one [pottery wheel] for me.”  

Sept. 21, 2007: Mama to Abby (for the upteenth time): “Go get your room cleaned up.” Abby to Mama: “It is, yes sir. Yes. Sir. It. Is. (with a salute).”

 Sept. 20, 2007: Jonah to Mama at 8:00 a.m.: “I’m going to sleep until Noon today!”

 Sept. 19, 2007: Jonah to Mama: “If you want to get more customers on your blog, you have to put something silly on it. I PROMISE YOU!!”

 Sept. 18, 2007: Abby: “Can I have a mushroom in my hot chocolate?” 

Sept. 16, 2007: Jonah: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only forgotten son…”

 Sept. 11, 2007: Abby (singing): “Tell me whaiiiiieeeee, I just don’t understand….Tell me whaiiiiieeeeee, I just don’t understand…”

 Sept. 10, 2007: Daddy to Jonah: “Why are you winking at me?” Jonah: “For good looks!…Aaaarrrr!”

 Sept. 7, 2007: Abby: “Jowah, Stop It! I SICK!” 

Sept. 6, 2007: Jonah:  “I’m promising you…I’m REALLY promising you!!”  (Promising to play with an old toy more if I won’t give it away)

 Sept. 5, 2007: Abby:  “Princesses never suck their thumbs!”

 Sept. 4, 2007: Jonah: To little girl on playground “Welcome to the U.S. Constitution, would you like to shake my hand?”

 Aug. 31, 2007:  Jonah:  (With globe in hand after studying the ‘fertile crescent’ in history)  “Mama, can you show me where the crescent moon is!?!”

 Aug. 30, 2007: Jonah:  “Does this outfit (shorts and a long t-shirt) make me look like a snake hunter!?!”

 Aug. 29, 2007: Abby:  “I almost have a wiggly tooth!” 

Aug. 28, 2007: Jonah:  After riding his bike across the parking lot with no help – “Did you see me, Mama?”

 Aug. 27, 2007:  Jonah:  After eating ice cream and watching liquid fireworks with Daddy: “This is the second best night of my life!”  (Boston July 4th still ranks 1st)

Aug. 24, 2007:  Both:  Every time they see our next door neighbor…“Oh…hi, neighbor!”

 Aug. 23, 2007:  Abby:  (flexing muscles) “I’m growing up!” 

Aug. 22, 2007: Abby:  With great animation as she is pacing back and forth on the bench of a picnic table: “…and then….and when Jonah was a baby….but then….and…”

 Aug. 21, 2007:  Jonah:  “For Holy Cows, it’s freezing outside!”

Aug. 20, 2007: Abby:  “Jesus is in my body.” 

Aug. 18, 2007: Jonah: “Fiddle-e-dee!” 

Aug. 17, 2007: Abby to a friend who stopped by: “Mama doesn’t eat people’s noses!!” 

August 16, 2007: From Jonah: “Mama, Daddy forgot to sign his ‘rock star dad’ picture I made for him.  See, I put a line that says ‘Sign here’!”


3 Responses to Archive of Kid Quips

  1. Mama D says:

    Oh, Jonah, you are a hoot!!!! I better go and look at ‘my’ picture and see if there was something I needed to do! Love, Memaugh!

    Glad to hear that you don’t eat people’s noses, Sarah!

  2. Sarah says:

    Your grandkids are hilarious! E-mail me cute quotes from PJ, BJ, C, A, and C and I will add them on from time to time.

  3. Pawpaw says:

    Sarah, today is the 13th. the last entry was on the 10th. How are we suspose to keep up with the kids activities? I really enjoy reading about You, Scott and the kids. Love, Dad

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