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Of Knees, Chins, and Coconut Sugar Scrub

Meghan likes to slurp on knees and chins.  Not sure why. It’s just her thing. So if you are holding her in your lap, pretty soon she will focus on either your knee or your chin with that determined stare.  … Continue reading

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I watch him as he walks into the building without me.  His body has been stretching taller over the past few months and I know it won’t be long until he will be able to stand toe-to-toe with me and … Continue reading

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Watchful Moments

I love watching you, little one, in the quickly passing moments of these days. Those long lashes on beautiful sleeping eyes… The smile on your lips as you unlatch from my body with your tummy full and content… And the … Continue reading

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What About Socialization?

When Scott and I first started discussing the possibility of homeschooling, socialization was a concern. We didn’t want to sequester our children away from the world. We wanted them to learn to stand up for themselves and to also be … Continue reading

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Kid-Size Perspective

Abby told me tonight that she is going to start calling me robot mommy…because I never run out of energy. I don’t know what alternate reality she’s living in, but I like it. ~~~~~~~~ When Jonah does something funny, Abby … Continue reading

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I’m a Big Kid Now

Anyone else have that diaper commercial song in their head? No? Hmmm. Anyway… Now that the weather is staying warm outside and spring is flourishing, the kids and I have started taking bike rides. And by started, I mean twice. … Continue reading

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Fam Friday: Abby, Custard Tarts and Princesses

The sky outside is slowly turning darker as I am sitting down to talk with Abby this evening. We have had a full and fun day, and at least one of us is very happily anticipating the royal wedding tomorrow. … Continue reading

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