Comment Policy

Mypeaceandjoy is a family-friendly site.  I love to read your comments and encourage comments whether they agree with my views or not.  However, please be advised of the following policy regarding comments on this site.

  • Attitude:  I encourage debate and conversation on my blog.  However, any comment(or) that is mean-spirited, antagonistic, or otherwise unkind toward myself or any other commentor will either be edited or deleted.
  • Spam:  Akismet is enabled on this site and all comments that are “caught” by Akismet are appoved with extreme caution.  If your comment gets past Akismet, but appears to me to be spam, I will delete it.
  • Links:  Linking to your website within a comment is acceptable if the link is to a direct post which is related to the topic at hand.  Links to unrelated websites may be deleted.
  • Personal Identification: Comments that include personal information that could identify me or members of my family, or comments that include information that I feel violates anyone’s privacy will be edited to remove the personal information.
  • Editorial Privilege: While I encourage commenting on my blog, whether related to the current post or not, I do reserve the right to edit and/or delete any comment as I see fit.

3 Responses to Comment Policy

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  2. Mama D says:

    How sad that you need to do this! I’ve only seen a couple that made me scratch my head and I apologize for using my name earlier…guess I will need to find a class to take in blog protocol! However, I wouldn’t want anyone to know about or see my ‘babies’ in an unacceptable light. Thus part of my worry of using these at school, though I believe the kids would love them! I admire you, as always, for the precautions you take, and the standards you set for yourself and the family! Love ya lots, Mama D

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